Thank you for stopping by our Yahoo store. If you have questions about any of our molds please refer to the code(1F, 2F, 3F, etc.) before the price of each mold. If you would like to find out just how much fun casting can be look through our 2000+ molds to pick out your favorites, place your order. All major credit cards are accepted and all orders are shipped within 3 business days. We can walk you through the process of casting if needed until you become an expert. For any questions regarding our products or casting instructions, email all questions and concerns to Casting is great fun and can give you the potential to earn extra money too. Most or your money that is spent on a mold will be earned back with your first sale. If you are not interested in selling, gifts for friends and family is always an option. Make your own rock facing as shown in the picture to dress up a fireplace or wall. Or cast a cool garden faces or make some holiday decorations with your kids.

Most orders are shipped priority mail unless it is not possible because of the size of an order or where the order is being shipped. If priority shipping is not used, parcel post shipping will then be used.

International Shipping

Because it is hard to estimate international shipping fees, international orders will be overcharged to cover the shipping cost. Once that order is shipped, a refund will be giver for the excess shipping costs that were charged.

We are a manufacturer of plastic and latex molds for producing statues and plaques inside or outside the home. Our molds work with plaster, concrete, resin, and wax. Please note that with resin or wax castings some molds may require a special releasing agent that you should ask the manufacturer of those materials about.

Instructions come with all orders and most supplies needed can be purchased at any Home Depot or Lowes. For more information regarding commercial casting products visit
All molds come with instructions and casting recipes. See info page for FREE SHIPPING DETAILS!